Q: What are the venues, dates and times of WOFFF18 screenings and workshops? 
A: WOFFF18 ran from Thursday 20 to Sunday 23 September.

On Thursday 20 Sept WOFFF18 launched with the Brighton premiere of the Sundance documentary, Half the Picture, followed by a Q&A: What’s Next for UK Female Film Directors?

What: HALF THE PICTURE by Amy Adrion
When: 6PM, followed by a Q&A
Where: Picturehouse Duke of York’s, BN1 4NA, Brighton.

Friday 21 Sept was an elders’ afternoon – with a workshop and a film screening. These events were invitation only and were aimed particularly at older women who are socio-economically disadvantaged.

Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 Sept was the main WOFFF18 – at Depot, Lewes, BN7 2JS.

What: WOFFF18 with 8 programmes of 58 short films, 6 workshops, 2 free events, 1 evening meal, 1 filmmakers’ networking breakfast, 1 awards’ ceremony and 1 closing night feature film. All films in the shorts programmes featured  international documentary, animation, drama and experimental films by or about women over 50
When: Sat 22 Sept 11 AM – 8 PM and Sun 23 Sept 11 AM – 8 PM

Programme 1: Absolutely on the Borderline – Sat 22 Sept, 11:00
And She Rode Forth…. by Deb Ethier
The Past Is Another Country by Magda Rakita
Tether by Kathy O. Lofton
Holding Space by Rebecca Kenyon
For Muriel by Rebecca Shapiro
Mausoleum by Jamie Luke Milligan
The Queen of Scream: Darby Mills by Melinda Friedman

Programme 2: Try Not to Die – Sat 22 Sept, 12:55
Ripe Figs by Artemis Preeshl
ROMY  Ornella by Hawthorn Gardez
Parallelism by Sukanya-Devika K Jhala
Body-City by Liliana Paganini
She’s Not There by Louise Harvey
Here Now by Rachel Feldman
I CHERISH WOMEN by Judith Lynn Stillman
There’s No One Home by Berke Camekan
Edek by Malcolm Green

Programme 3 Come you Spirits – Sat 22 Sept, 16:20
Artist in Process by Natalia Whiteside
Push by Deirdre Buckley Cairns
The Visitor by Duncan Roe
What A Peaceful Day by Eden Chan
I’m Fine by Lucretia Knapp
Lady M by Tammy Riley Smith

Programme 4: The Moon Behind the Clouds – Sat 22 Sept, 18:20
THE VEST by Lesley Manning
O Agathon by Narda Azaria Dalgleish
Good Girls Don’t by Ana de Lara
Exist by Payam Shadniya
On the Bright Side by Thi Doan
The Wait by Dhruv Tripathi
Swim by Maike Mahira Koller

Programme 5: The Knowing – Sun 23 Sept, 11:00
Mushroom Thief by Joan Ashworth
The Beekeeper by Alexa Banks
The Thing About the Morning After by Denise V. Powers
The Betrayal by Susan Young
Ready to Go by Lynda Reiss
Periphery by Kimberly Burleigh
A Portrait of a Beautiful Woman by Yula Gidron

Programme 6: Always Hiding From Me – Sun 23 Sept, 12:55
Back Home by HarukaMotohashi
Heather Has Four Moms by Jeanette Buck
Lydia by Anita Lewton-Moukkes
Artemis & the Astronaut by A. L. Lee
Hen Ffyrdd y Porthmyn/The Old Ways by Jean Napier
Tough by Jennifer Zheng

Programme 7: Spirit of Rebellion – Sun 23 Sept,16:25
Grandmother by Heather Dirckze, Charanpreet Khaira & Melina Campos
In Orbit by Rony Khoubieh
The Matchmaker by Leonora Pitts
‘A’ is for absorbed dose rate… by Annie Grove-White
Moon-Magic by Carol M. Burger
Perhaps Today… by Nadine Asmar
Brethren by Annette Daniels Taylor
Snake Hips Lulu by Lulu Keating

Programme 8: Holy Horns of Consecration – Sun 23 Sept,18:20
PILL by Fenella Greenfield
The Penny Dropped by AD Cooper
Tell Me I’m Forgiven by Alison Child
Regrets by AJ Sykes
Murmuring Goodbye by Simon Powell
Gloria’s Call by Cheri Gaulke
My Brand New Baby by Gini Wade
Older Women Rock! The Documentary by Leah Thorn & Clare Unsworth

Workshops offering a mixture of practical filmmaking skills and arts, crafts and education for all:

      • Workshop 1: Living Well Dying Well with Ally  Dickinson – Sat 22 Sept, 13:30
      • Workshop 2: Fabulous Fashionistas with Dr Deborah Jermyn – Sat 22 Sept, 16:30
      • Workshop 3: Dance and Movement with Rosaria Gracia – Sat 22 Sept, 18: 30
      • Workshop 4: Making a Film on Your Smart Phone with Deirdre Mulcahy – Sun 23 Sept, 13:00
      • Workshop 5: Editing a Film on Your Smart Phone with Deirdre Mulcahy – Sun 23 Sept, 16:30

Q: How can I buy tickets for WOFFF?
A: Tickets for WOFFF18 launch film Half the Picture were on sale on the Duke of York’s Picturehouse website. Concession were available. Other tickets were available on the Depot website

      • Tickets for WOFFF18 shorts programmes, workshops and Saturday night dinner were on sale here.
      • Tickets cost £8 for each WOFFF shorts programme and each WOFFF workshop. Concession were available
      • All-film Saturday passes were available for £28
      • All-film Sunday passes were available for £28
      • All-film weekend passes were available for £50

Q: Are any events free at WOFFF?
A: We want to make sure everyone can participate in WOFFF so, yes, there are free events at WOFFF, however, you must book tickets for these events.

      • Event 1 – Saturday 22 Sept 2:50 – 3:40PM – All Female Panel Event – with Rebecca Kesby (BBC World Service).
      • Event 2 – Sunday 23 Sept 2:50 – 3:40PM – “Your Age is One of My Favorite Things About You” The Films of Nancy Meyers with Dr Deborah Jermyn (University of Roehampton).

Q: Are there any other events at WOFFF?
On Saturday 22 September at 8PM we hosted an evening Festival Feast. This was a chance for audience members to meet filmmakers, as well as speakers, judges, workshop hosts and festival organisers, to share a meal and mull over all things WOFFF with film festival friends – old and new. Tickets at £15.00 per person were available from Depot.

Q: Where can I find accommodation if I want to attend WOFFF?
A: We had two venues for WOFFF18 – Depot in Lewes and Picturehouse Duke of York’s in Brighton.

We launched WOFFF18 at Picturehouse Duke’s in Brighton on Thursday 20 Sept and all the other screenings and events were at in Depot in Lewes.

Brighton and Lewes are 10 minutes from each other on the train.

Accommodation in Lewes
Hotels include:

Other accommodation in Lewes includes other hotels, traditional Bed and Breakfasts:

http://www.lewesbandb.co.uk/ and AirBnB: 

Accommodation in Brighton
Lewes is just 10 minutes by train from the larger seaside city of Brighton. Hotels in Brighton include:

Traditional Bed and Breakfast places in Brighton are listed here, as well as other hotels and accommodation options:


You can find rooms or whole flats or houses in Brighton or Lewes to rent on Airbnb – Britain 

Accommodation in London
Both Brighton and Lewes are one hour from London by train so staying in London and travelling in to the festival is another option. There are hundreds of hotels and B&Bs in London! Websites like opodo.co.uk and trivago.co.uk and lastminute.com have loads of hotel listings in London (as well in Brighton and Lewes). Take your pick!

Q: Is parking available at WOFFF18 venues?
Both Duke of York’s and Depot are easy to get to by public transport. Both venues advise not travelling by car. But if you have to, you can find Duke of York, Brighton parking options here and here and info on Parking at Depot, Lewes, here.

Q: Are the WOFFF18 venues accessible?
Both Duke of York’s and Depot are wheelchair accessible. For more info on all their access provisions, please see each venue’s website: Picturehouse Duke of York’s and Depot

Q: Are the WOFFF18 films accessible?
Thanks to funding from National Lottery ‘Awards for All’ and from BFI Film Hub South East, all the shorts at WOFFF18 were subtitled and closed captioned.

All our post-screening filmmaker Q&As were BSL (British Sign Language) interpreted. BSL interpreters were present at the two free events in Screen 2 (“Weaving Stories” the All Female Panel Event and “Your Age is One of My Favorite Things About You” The Films of Nancy Meyers with Dr Deborah Jermyn.)

Depot is all on the ground floor and there are accessible ways around all minor height levels. The three auditoria; the Cafe, Restaurant, Lounge and Gallery; the toilets; the outside terraces and the garden are equally accessible to all. All signage is bold and large. There are gender neutral toilets adjacent to the restaurant.

There is a variety of seating, at different heights, including seats with arms. In the auditoria, there are well positioned wheelchair spaces with adjacent companion seats. If you’d like a tour around the building to familiarise yourself on your first visit then please get in touch with Depot and they’ll arrange this for you.

For more info on Depot’s accessibility, please visit their website here

Last updated: 28 Aug 2018