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Melita Dennett Tuesday Live in Brighton 

Nuala on Women Over 50 Film Festival plans for 2016 

Jacob and Nuala Radio Reverb
Jacob and Nuala Radio Reverb

Cathy Canton Out in Brighton 

Round up of last year’s festival plus news of upcoming  feature length screenings with Jacob from Eyes Wide Open





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Four star review for the 2015 film festival 

Lewis Alice Fox BBC 2015
Lewis Hancox, Alice Denny and Fox Fisher

BBC News Online

A film festival showcasing the work of women over 50 is tackling the lack of roles for older women in front of the camera and behind it



Nuala South East TodayBBC South East Today

Meryl Streep, Kristin Scott Thomas, Judi Dench and our festival celebrating women over 50 on both sides of the camera