Women Over 50 Film Festival

Ageism Awareness training with WOFFF

How often do you say things like: “I’m having a senior moment” or “She looks good for her age”? You may think nothing of it or mean any harm by it, but this sort of language can reinforce stigma around age. 

We now offer training to offer a practical, safe space to explore ageism – an ‘ism’ that isn’t often talked about in the workplace. Our Ageism Awareness training is an interactive workshop that enables you to identify and recognise your own internalised ageism and look at ways to combat it.

The one-hour session examines how ageism affects older women in particular but is full of insights for people of all ages and genders. We look at ways to reframe and rephrase everyday language and common ageist expressions.

The workshop:

💚 Raises awareness of ageism

– what it is and who is affected by it

– how we can challenge it

💚 Reflects on language and attitudes through

– international studies and reports

– our own experience

– films centred on older women

💚 Offers takeaways

– top tips for being more age-positive and age-inclusive

– follow-on resource list

Catriona, who attended a WOFFF Ageism Awareness workshop with over 100 colleagues from the legal services provider Epiq, said: “Getting older is something many of us struggle with – it can be difficult to accept! I can honestly say that I’m not embracing it (yet). However, the WOFFF workshop gave me a different lens to view my age and the age of those around me. We all approach our age in different ways, and that’s okay.”

Our workshop ends with an invitation to join workshop host, Nuala, in the liberation of claiming your age – loud and proud in all its glory. We’d like to extend this invitation to as many workplaces as possible.

If you would like to discuss Ageism Awareness training for your team, please email us info@wofff.co.uk