2016 programme

Here’s our full 2016 programme with links to trailers and full films where publicly available.  You can also download the programme here.

Screening 1 – Ties that Bind

As One by Alan Powell

As One
Belle and Emma by Rebecca Johanson

One Last Dance by Luke Losey

Fall Seven Times, Get Up Eight: The Japanese War Brides by Lucy Craft, Karen Kasmauski & Kathryn Tolbert

Fall Seven Times, Get Up Eight 1
Hire-A-Mum by Louise Hutt

Lucid by Lucy Joan Barnes

Some Dark Place by Cecelia Condit

Some dark place

Screening 2 – Power

Britain by Bexie Bush
Fashion to Die For by Lynn Estomin

50 Over 50 by Lou Trigg

50 over 50
Morning Coffee by Tracy Miller-Robbins

Prehistoric Resurrection by Cathy Cook

Prehistoric Resurrection3
Raging Grannies: The Action League by Pam Walton

Raging Grannies The Action League
Rose and June by Koo Chia Meng

Rose and June
shhh! by Clare Unsworth and Leah Thorn


Spirit Away by Betina Kuntzsch

spirit away
Stranger Danger by A D Cooper

Women and Ageing by Dee Rudebeck

Women and aging 1

Panel Event: Rebecca Kesby (BBC World Service) in conversation with Melody BridgesYvonne Connikie and Lynne Parker.

Screening 3 – Love, death and legacy

Carol by Krissy Mahan

Memorial by Helen Selka

memorial 1
Old Friends, Out To Pasture by Marlijn Franken

Old Friends 3
Patience by Robert Hackett

The Wake by Oonagh Kearney

The Wake

Workshop: The Joy of Making Film – Ten Top Tips for New Filmmakers with Angie and Jac from Looking at You Productions.

Screeing 4 – Bodies

Colour Your Life by Michelle J. Andrew

Colour You Life

Living is a Doorway by Abi Mortimer

Living is a Doorway
My Friend Maia by Julia Warr

My Friend Maia
My Friend Marjorie by Louise Wilde

My Friend Marjorie1
Nan’s Army by Lucy Werrett

Nans Army 3
Nine to Ninety by Alicia Dwyer

nine to ninety 6_990_Phyllis_Walks
Shock of the Muse by Inga Burrows

Shock of the Muse 2
Heavens to Betsy  byJac Nunns and Angie West

Heavens To Betsy 1

Screening 5 – Now

Abandoned Adopted Here by Lucy Sheen

Abandoned Adopted Here-STILL-4
A Moment To Move by Georgia Parris

A Moment to Move poster 2
Aviatrix  by Stuart Pound

Be Now  by Graham Atkins-Hughes

Be Now 500 pxCounsellor by Venetia Taylor

Middle Man
 by Charlie Frances

Middle Man
Physical Stitch by Brenda Miller

Physical Stitch 20cm

What Do You See? by Scott Willis

what do you see 2

Screening 6 – Work

Ageless by Montana Mann

ageless still developed
BOOTWMN by Paige Gratland and Sam McWilliams

Cliff, Superfan!  by Diane Quon

The Other Place by Mareike Engelhardt

The Other Place
They Call Us Maids: The Domestic Workers’ Story by Leeds Animation Workshop