Clouds of Sils Maria


Welcome to our WOFFF watchalong, co-hosted by ReframedFilm on Thursday 23 April 2020. We hope you enjoy all the films and that you’ll join us on Twitter or Facebook around 9.30PM (BST) for a chat about what you’ve seen.

Viewing schedule 23 April

Here’s our running order for this watchalong. All times are British Summer Time  (BST) and are approximate. Full links below the running order:
7:00PM Intro to the programme by WOFFF director, Nuala O’Sullivan
7:05PM WOFFF Film Talk with Tammy Riley-Smith
7.15PM WOFFF short film LADY M
7.30PM Tonight’s feature film CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA 
8.00PM Pause your film for a short intermission. In the UK at 8PM on Thursdays many people stop what they’re doing and show their support for people who are caring for us during this pandemic by giving a #ClapForCarers
8.05PM Back to watching CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA
9.30PM Join the conversation on Twitter about the films. Use the hashtag #WOFFFWatchalong and tag us @WO50FF so we can welcome you into the conversation
10:00PM Round off our “alone but together” evening with bonus WOFFF short film CAROL plus WOFFF Film Talk with Krissy Mahan

Hello from WOFFF

Women Over 50 Film Festival founder and director, Nuala O’Sullivan, introduces the line up for this Thursday’s WOFFF Watchalong programme – including two short WOFFF films, one feature film and two filmmaker interviews.

WOFFF founder and director Nuala O’Sullivan

Film Talk: Tammy Riley-Smith

Filmmaker Tammy Riley Smith, director of WOFFF18 short LADY M on why if you’re a filmmaker and you’re not creating stories with older women at the centre of them, you’re missing a trick.

WOFFF filmmaker Tammy Riley-Smith

Lady M

WOFFF short film Lady M by Tammy Riley Smith is a British drama which sees actor Samantha Bond playing actor Margot Collins who played Lady Macbeth to great acclaim in her youth. Now in her fifties, she is largely forgotten, struggling for auditions, let alone parts. But when a theatre company announces its intention to stage Macbeth, Margot is determined to land the eponymous role once more.
This film is no longer available to view here. It was available for this WOFFF Watchalong from 23 April – 11 May.

LADY M with Samantha Bond

Clouds of Sils Maria

Clouds of Sils Maria starring Juliette Binoche. In this Swiss-based drama an older actor, Maria Enders (Juliette Binoche) is asked to perform in the revival of the play that launched her career 20 years earlier. It’s a film about an older woman on screen, on stage, in work and in life. The film is described on the BBC iPlayer website as the story of an established “fortysomething” actress yet Juliette was 50 years old when she made the film. So even within a film about ageism in film, the film itself comes up against #EverydayAgeism. It’ll be an interesting watch and chat, that’s for sure!
For viewers in the UK, click the image below to access the film free on BBC iPlayer. Viewers outside the UK can access the film on dvd or on an on-demand platform.
This film is no longer available to view via the BBC iPlayer. It was available on the BBC iPlayer until 11 May 2020.

CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA by Olivier Assayas, starring Juliette Binoche and Kristen Stewart

Online conversations

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We leave you now with some extra watchalong treats. First up, it’s Carol.
Like The Clouds of Sils Maria, Krissy Mahan’s Carol is the story of a relationship between an older woman and a younger one. Krissy’s short
re-tells the story of the Oscar-nominated feature film of the same name. This Carol is an incisive, biting class analysis of the women’s relationship, made entirely with Fisher Price toys.

CAROL by Kirssy Mahan

Film Talk: Krissy Mahan

WOFFF filmmaker Krissy Mahan tells us about the importance of toys in her filmmaking, on why she doesn’t want things to go back to “normal” after this COVID-19 time, about her working class roots and why telling a story in a straight line isn’t always the best way to tell it.

WOFFF filmmaker Krissy Mahan

Next week’s Watchalong

Our next film, on Thursday 30 April, is a Reframed Film selection. Hope you’ll join us for THE BLING RING, a crime drama inspired by a true story, by Sofia Coppola, starring Emma Watson.


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