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5 teenagers in designer label clothes stride confidently along a street in LA

The Bling Ring


Welcome to our WOFFF watchalong, co-hosted by ReframedFilm on Thursday 30 April 2020. We hope you enjoy all the films and that you’ll join us on Twitter around 9.00PM (BST) for a chat about what you’ve seen.


Here’s our running order for this watchalong. All times are British Summer Time  (BST) and are approximate. Full links below the running order:
7:00PM Intro to the programme by WOFFF director, Nuala O’Sullivan
7:05PM Interview with WOFFF filmmakers Rebecca Shapiro, Concetta Tomei and Mindy Sterling
7.15PM WOFFF short film FOR MURIEL
7.30PM Tonight’s feature film THE BLING RING 
8.00PM Pause your film for a short intermission. In the UK at 8PM on Thursdays many people stop what they’re doing and show their support for people who are caring for us during this pandemic by giving a #ClapForCarers
8.05PM Back to watching  THE BLING RING 
9.00PM Join the conversation on Twitter or Facebook about the films. Use the hashtag #WOFFFWatchalong and tag us @WO50FF so we can welcome you into the conversation
10:00PM Round off our watchalong evening with some light reading of the magazine article THE BLING RING was based on

Hello from WOFFF

Women Over 50 Film Festival founder and director, Nuala O’Sullivan, introduces the line up for this Thursday’s WOFFF Watchalong with our friends at Reframed Film. Tonight’s films are full of audacious plans and outrageous thefts.

Film Talk 1: Mindy Sterling

Filmmakers from FOR MURIEL have recorded self-tape talks to tell us about their involvement in this short. Mindy Sterling and Concetta Tomeri are the stars in front of the camera. Each artist shares their insights with us, as well a few laughs to help keep our spirits up.
We’re sorry to say that due to technical difficulties – an internet connection that’s just soooo slow during this COVID-19 time – we can’t bring you director Rebecca Shapiro’s talk just now. As soon as we can, we’ll post the video here.

Film Talk 2: Concetta Tomei

For Muriel

FOR MURIEL by Rebecca Shapiro is a tale as audacious at THE BLING RING but this gang of robbers is slightly older than the BLING RING one. This band consists Elaine and Helen, two ladies pushing 70, and their younger friend, Jenn. They’re plotting to rob a bank help out their friend Muriel. But because none of them has ever robbed a bank, they each suggest a different movie to model their robbery on. Masks are involved. Hilarity ensues.
This film is available on Youtube until 7 May 2020.

For Muriel by Rebecca Shapiro

The Bling Ring

Crime drama inspired by a true story. Curiosity leads to crime as classmates Rebecca and Nicki find LA homes of celebrities who are away, with the help of the boy pal, Marc. Lax security means this brand-obsessed band of teenagers can swipe whatever they fancy from the home of the rich and famous and fashionable. Directed by Sofia Coppola (Lost in Translation; The Virgin Suicides), and starring Emma Watson).
Viewers in the UK can access the film free on BBC iPlayer until 10 May 2020. Viewers outside the UK can access the film on dvd or on an on-demand platform.

5 confident teenagers stride down a street in LA

Online conversations

Join us on Twitter for a post-screening chat. Use the hashtag #WOFFFWatchalong, jump right in and tell us what you thought of tonight’s films.

Watchalong extras

We leave you now with some light reading – the Vanity Fair article by Nancy Jo Sales that was the basis of The Bling Ring – The Suspects Wore Louboutins by Jancy Jo Sales.

Next Watchalong

Our next film, on Thursday 7 May, is a WOFFF selection. Hope you’ll join us for Bing Liu’s Oscar nominated documentary MINDING THE GAP, a coming-of-age story of three American skateboarding friends in their Rust Belt hometown, hit hard by decades of recession. It’s about love, racism, poverty, abuse, and lives held together with and shattered by skateboarding. This documentary is produced by WOFFF filmmaker, Diane Quon and we’ll have an interview with Diane to share with you, as well as two of Diane’s short films.

See you next time

Thanks so much for joining us. Take care and hope to see you soon!


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