WOFFF22 winners announced

WOFFF22 award winners revealed

We say this every year and every year it’s true – every film we screen is a winner in our eyes. So, before we share the results, which we announced at Depot on Saturday, we’d like to give a massive shoutout to everyone who submitted a film to us this year and to all the filmmakers whose work screened at Depot and whose work is still screening online as part of WOFFF22.

And a massive thanks goes out to our sponsors, Mother’s Ruin, Picturehouse Cinemas, The National Lottery, BFI Network, Shedunnit Productions, Crystallised, London Film Academy, Film Hub South East, Depot, Epiq, RODE Microphones

You can still watch all our WOFFF22 on Eventive, on sale until Saturday September 30, click here to watch.


TitleDirector / Short script writerCategoryPosition
WOFFF Shedunnit Short Script Award 2022
MOTHERMaureen HanschShort ScriptWinner
The Maternity CoverLoo ToniShort Script2nd place
Opening UpLorna RileyShort Script2nd place
I Hear Ephesus Is Lovely This Time of YearLinda RobinsonShort Script3rd place
The MoboteersWendy StorerShort Script3rd place
WOFFF Student Film Award 2022
Three WomenAnnika Lewandowski Student FilmWinner
RueCasey Eldridge Student Film2nd place
War HeroesWessel van Wanrooij Student Film3rd place
EnriqueTaValeria DanaStudent FilmCommended
Journey Across The BridgeStefie GanStudent FilmCommended
WOFFF Animation Award 2022
TreasureSamantha Moore AnimationWinner
What is Left – That also goesCaroline Penn Animation2nd place
Bob Bobbin and the Christmas StockingLinda McCarthy Animation3rd place
Flour & MushEmily WongAnimationCommended
WOFFF Experimental Award 2022
Blind as a BeatJessi Gutch, Liz JacksonExperimentalWinner
Looking for BarbaraHelen Kilbride Experimental2nd place
AI and ICecelia ConditExperimental3rd place
Because Goddess is Never EnoughJane Glennie ExperimentalCommended
GillianRebecca Dale-EverettExperimentalCommended
WOFFF London Film Academy Documentary Award 2022
Cuban American GothicMaria Teresa Rodriguez DocumentaryWinner
We are here but we are lostSally Patterson, Joe Baxter Documentary2nd place
Killing Myself LaughingMaria Viola Craig Documentary3rd place
The pigeon ladyGiulia Brazzale Documentary3rd place
JazmineNicole SullivanDocumentaryCommended
Lost from SightOlivier VandersleyenDocumentaryCommended
Mudder’s HandsClint Butler DocumentaryCommended
NavigationMarlene MillarDocumentaryCommended
WOFFF Drama Award 2022
Housemaid #2Roxanne Stam DramaWinner
Mary Anne & Frank Jingjing Tian Drama2nd place
Her MajestyRebekah FortuneDrama3rd place
SplitClare HolmanDrama3rd place
Call ButtonRhona Rees DramaCommended
Face It – AbbeyJason Edwards DramaCommended
Maureen Shiona McCubbin DramaCommended
The Outing Joanne Mitchell DramaCommended
WOFFF Crystallised Audience Choice Award 2022
Three WomenAnnika LewandowskiAudience ChoiceWinner
EnriqueTaValeria DanaAudience Choice2nd place
MaureenShiona McCubbin Audience Choice2nd place
SplitClare HolmanAudience Choice2nd place
Because Goddess is Never EnoughJane GlennieAudience Choice3rd place
Blind as a BeatJessi Gutch, Liz JacksonAudience Choice3rd place
Face It AbbeyJason EdwardsAudience Choice3rd place
Her MajestyRebekah FortuneAudience Choice3rd place
Mary Anne & FrankJingjing TianAudience Choice3rd place
Paws For ThoughtRehana RoseAudience Choice3rd place
WoolDympna JardineAudience Choice3rd place