We’re open for submissions for the 9th edition of the Women Over 50 Film Festival!

The deadline for submissions is Tuesday 4 July 2023, read on to find out how to submit and visit FilmFreeway to upload your films and scripts.

Who can enter?


Everyone is eligible to submit a film to Women Over 50 Film Festival. There’s no upper or lower age limit, and it’s not only open to women.

As long as your film either centres on a woman over 50 or part of your core creative team is female and over 50, your film is eligible.

When can I enter?


Submissions close on 4 July 2023.

How to submit my film?

On FilmFreeway.

Visit the WOFFF FilmFreeway page to get all the information you need.

How much does it cost?

$32.50 per entry – approximately £26 and €30.

Discounts are available to FilmFreeway Gold Members. You can find out how to become FilmFreeway Gold Member here.

At WOFFF we’re committed to screening a diversity of older women’s voices worldwide. A bursary fund is available to assist filmmakers to submit work to WOFFF.

Since its introduction WOFFF has offered bursaries to filmmakers with work from Afghanistan, Egypt, Germany, Iran, Korea, Nepal, Sri Lanka, UK and USA to enable them to submit their film without a submission fee.

To apply for a submission bursary, please request further information by contacting us at

Important details

To be eligible for Women Over 50 Film Festival your film must:

  • have a woman over 50 at its centre  OR
  • be made by a female filmmaker (writer, director or producer) over 50

Your film should

  • be under 12 minutes for animation or experimental films
  • be under 20 minutes for dramas (including comedies)
  • be under 25 minutes for documentaries 

And your film should also

  • be in English or have English sub-titles

Our submissions are hosted by FilmFreeway which offers free HD online screeners, unlimited video storage, digital press kits and more.

Don’t miss the Student Prize

At WOFFF we aim to increase conversations between generations and although we know not all students are young people, many students are, and we offer a Student Prize to encourage this dialogue to open up further.

Festival Director, Nuala O’Sullivan says, “At WOFFF we want to make a difference in the fight for gender and age equality and we hope this prize will encourage emerging and student filmmakers to consider older women as cast and crew when they’re creating work.”

Full details on how to submit a student film can be found, along with our regular submissions on FilmFreeway.

Don’t miss the Best Short Script Competition

We’re also looking for submissions to our Best Short Script competition.

Creating short scripts is an artform we recognise and celebrate! We’re always blown away by the complexity that just a few short pages can hold. And we can’t wait immerse ourselves in the stories that are told this year.

You can enter the Short Script Competition via FilmFreeway.