Women Over 50 Film Festival

Fun, fearless and real on show in the WOFFF23 official trailer

Highlights of some of the 56 officially selected films of Women Over 50 Film Festival (WOFFF) 2023.

Catch us online 9 September – 9 October – find out more, see the programme and get tickets.

And in person at Depot Cinema, Lewes, East Sussex on Saturday 23 September – find out more and get tickets.

Trailer created by Becky Brand.

Films featured here include:

A Language of Shapes by Samantha Moore, After Fred by Rachel Meyrick, Bronx Magic by Marta Renzi, Call of the Cranes by Vilma Tihilä, Chatter by Jane Devoy, Consuelo by JL Ruiz, Corky by Ty Primosch, Cow by Thorey Mjallhvit H Omarsdottir, Cycle of Change by Emma Lazenby, Dirty Rotten Tofu and the Gohan Girls by June K Inuzuka, Drumset by Evie Ladin & Kris Lee, Émilia by Christine Almeida, Eupnea by Trish Morrissey, Fly Free by Ann Hawker, I am Kanaka by Genevieve Sulway, Linda by Joe Lycett, Little Hurts by Debra Solomon, Live Till I Die by Gustav Ågerstrand, Åsa Ekman, Oscar Hedin Hetteberg & Anders Teigen, Menopause: The Movie by Alison Ramsey, Mist Me by Karen Kaeja, My Mum Rita by Qiqi Hou, My Sisters In The Stars: The Story of Lee Yong-soo by Ian Kim, On/Off by Jurg Slabbert, Our Menopause by Nicola Zawadi Cross, Private View by Sarah Myland, The Peculiar Case Of The Bolted Canister by Shiva Ramanathan, WEIGHTLESS by Lois Norman, What Are You Looking At? by Liberty Smith, Wheel of Dreams by Toma McCullim, Will Ye No Come Back Again? by Deb Ethier, YATRA: The Journey by Gayatri Bajpai.