Women Over 50 Film Festival

Kate Nash: Underestimate the Girl


Welcome to our COIVD-19 WOFFF watchalong, co-hosted by ReframedFilm on Thursday 21 May 2020. We hope you enjoy all the films and that you’ll join us on Twitter around 9.30PM (BST) for a chat about what you’ve seen.

Viewing schedule 21 May

All times are British Summer Time  (BST) and are approximate. Full links below the viewing schedule:
7:00PM Intro to the programme by WOFFF from Felicity Beckett
7:05PM Film Talk with filmmaker from Barry J Gibb
7.10PM Film Talk with documentary subject Carol Grimes
7.35PM Tonight’s feature film KATE NASH:  UNDERESTIMATE THE GIRL
8.00PM Pause your film for a short intermission. In the UK at 8PM on Thursdays many people stop what they’re doing and show their support for people who are caring for us during this pandemic by giving a #ClapForCarers
9.05PM Join the conversation on Twitter about the films. Use the hashtag #WOFFFWatchalong and tag us @WO50FF so we can welcome you into the conversation and so others can find your tweets
9:45 PM Round off the evening with bonus WOFFF takeaways with a WOFFF19 winning student film EBB TIDE, followed by director Vivian Rivas‘s Film Talk with a very special guest

Hello from WOFFF

Hello from the Women Over 50 Film Festival and welcome to our WOFFF Watchalong. Felicity Becket, Video Content Co-ordinator at Picturehouse Cinemas, introduces this week’s line-up of films which are all women-in-music documentaries: KATE NASH: UNDERESTIMATE THE GIRL by, THE SINGER’S TALE by Barry J Gibb and EBB TIDE by Vivian Rivas.

FILM TALK 1: Barry J Gibb

THE SINGER’S TALE‘s director, Barry J Gibb, tell us how this film came about, what life as a scientist has taught him about filmmaking. He also shares the one key thing you should never do if you’re making a film about a musician.

Film Talk 2: Carol Grimes

Carol Grimes talks to Barry J Gibb about making THE SINGER’S TALE with him, her incredible life in music, as well as how it feels as an older person to being treated like a Victorian child – out of sight, out of mind – during COVID-19.


THE SINGER’S TALE by Barry J Gibb is a portrait of ‘London gal’, singer-songwriter and all-round force of nature, Carol Grimes. This short film screened at WOFFF17 where it was awarded Runner Up for the Audience Choice prize.

Kate Nash: Underestimate the Girl

This week’s feature is KATE NASH: UNDERESTIMATE THE GIRL, directed by woman-over-50 Amy Goldstein, a fantastic music documentary about the trials and tribulations of singer-songwriter Kate Nash and what it takes to be a female artist of integrity within the extremely unsafe, money- and male-dominated music world. As Hunter S Thompson observed… “The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side.”
For viewers in the UK, click the image below to access the film free on BBC iPlayer. Viewers outside the UK can access the film on dvd or on an on-demand platform.
This film is available on the iPlayer till May 2021.

Online conversation

Join us on Twitter and tell us what you think of the films so far! Use the hashtag #WOFFFWatchalong so you can see what other people are saying, and then, jump in!


This week we’re suggesting you watch this WOFFF short film first, followed by the Film Talk because there’s a special guest we’re sure you’ll want to catch up in the talk later. EBB TIDE by Vivian Rivas won Runner-Up Best Student Award at WOFFF19.
This film was available until 11 June. The film is no longer available to view but you can watch the trailer here.


Film Talk 3: Vivian Rivas

EBB TIDE‘s director Vivian Rivas joins us from New York for a Film Talk, along with a very special guest. Vivian tells us of an inspirational teacher from her past and talks about life just now as a Guatemalan filmmaker living and working in The States York during COVID-19.


Our next film, on Thursday 28 May, is a Reframed Film selection PUSSY RIOT: A PUNK PRAYER, a documentary capturing the energy, excitement and radical politics of these young, feminist punk rockers. More details on WOFFF and Reframed Film social media platforms. Click here for a link to the film (free access for people living in the UK) on the BBC iPlayer. Trailer below.


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