A Room with a View


Welcome to our COIVD-19 WOFFF watchalong, co-hosted by ReframedFilm on Thursday 14 May 2020. We hope you enjoy all the films and that you’ll join us on Twitter around 9.30PM (BST) for a chat about what you’ve seen.

Viewing schedule 14 May

Here’s our running order for this watchalong. All times are British Summer Time  (BST) and are approximate. Full links below this schedule:

7:00PM Intro to the programme by WOFFF director, Nuala O’Sullivan
7:05PM Film Talk with filmmaker from FULL ENGLISH
7.15PM WOFFF short film FULL ENGLISH
7.30PM Tonight’s feature film A ROOM WITH A VIEW
8.00PM Pause your film for a short intermission. In the UK at 8PM on Thursdays many people stop what they’re doing and show their support for people who are caring for us during this pandemic by giving a #ClapForCarers
8.05PM Back to watching A ROOM WITH A VIEW
9.25PM Join the conversation on Twitter about the films. Use the hashtag #WOFFFWatchalong and tag us @WO50FF so we can welcome you into the conversation and so others can find your tweets
10:30 PM Round off our evening with bonus WOFFF takeaways Film Talk with WOFFF filmmaker Liliana Paganini introducing her short film BODY-CITY

Hello from WOFFF

Hello from the Women Over 50 Film Festival and welcome to our WOFFF Watchalong. James Ivory’s A ROOM WITH A VIEW set amongst magnificent Italian buildings and surroundings is filled with repressed desires and unspoken passions. Both these aspects are reflected in the WOFFF shorts we’re screening before and after the feature film – the British stiff upper lip in FULL ENGLISH and the construction and demolition of Italian buildings in the experimental film BODY-CITY.

Film Talk 1: Caroline Wildi and Emily Carlton

In this WOFFF Film Talk we hear from two of the women from FULL ENGLISH, lead actor Caroline Wildi and writer Emily Carlton. They discuss writing influences, life as an older actor and their experience as mother and daughter working together on this film.


In WOFFF short film FULL ENGISH by Charlie Parham we join Gwen for some Full English. She asks, “Why would you want to leave when there’s all this?” Hers is the best on the coast. And given that she eats it every morning, she should know. All the other guests may have left. But they’ll be back.


Helena Bonham Carter, Maggie Smith, Judi Dench, Denholm Elliott and Simon Callow star in a tale an innocent abroad in early 1900s Florence. Well brought up, well behaved Lucy Honeychurch encounters the free-spirited George Emerson and after a passionate summer in Italy returns to England torn between love and respectability. This multi-award-winning drama was created by the prolific film trio director James Ivory, producer Ismail Merchant and writer Ruth Prawer Jhabvala.
Viewers in the UK can access the film free on Channel 4 here till 2 June 2021. Viewers outside the UK can access the film on dvd or on an on-demand platform.

Online conversations

Join us on Twitter and tell us what you think of the films so far! Use the hashtag #WOFFFWatchalong so you can see what other people are saying, and then, jump in!

WOFFF extras

We leave you with an extra watchalong treat, the experimental film BODY-CITY introduced by its Italian director, Liliana Paganini. This experimental short film which screened at WOFFF18 is a mediation on a quote on buildings and bodies from Renaissance architect and philosopher, Leon Battista Alberti.

Film Talk 2: Liliana Paganini


Next Watchalong

Our next film, on Thursday 21 May, is a WOFFF selection. KATE NASH: UNDERESTIMATE THE GIRL is a documentary about women in the music business. More details on WOFFF and Reframed Film social media platforms. Click here for a link to the film (free access for people living in the UK) on the BBC iPlayer. Trailer below.

Watchalong FAQs

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